In December 2015, EBANX achieved a staggering 10 million Brazilian consumers who buy online internationally. To celebrate this milestone, we have launched an in-depth analysis about Brazilians' relationship with the internet and online shopping. For a comprehensive understanding of the Brazilian market and to increase sales in Brazil, this is your free roadmap. Download now and unravel a Brazil that buys globally.

25 pages of exclusive content on how Brazilians connect with the world, interact on social networks, shop online, prefer to pay, and more.

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international online purchases made in Brazil are via EBANX

is forecasted in ecommerce sales in Brazil by 2019.

of international online purchases made by Brazilians are on American and Chinese websites

 Brazilian smartphone owners would rather spend a whole day without water and electricity than without their devices.

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EBANX is proud to be part of the digital transformation of Brazil, Brazilians, and all the possibilities this entails.

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